Built-in Cupboards


In many homes built-in cupboards are a necessity, and they are everywhere! From the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom and even in the passage, builtin cupboards are a great way to utilize space and are used for storage of a variety of things. Contact MMS Group today for a built in cupboard price suited to your requirements.


Bedroom Built-in Cupboards

Bedroom cupboards come in a range of designs and depending on your requirement in each room. For example, in the bedroom you would need hanging and shelving units, built in wardrobes, fitted cupboards, walkin cupboards, vanity units or corner units. The doors to the built in cupboards could be sliding doors if you are limited for space, or double doors opening outwards giving you full access to your wardrobe.

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Kitchen Built-in Cupboards

When it comes to the kitchen, cupboard space is a necessity to store a variety of items ranging from cutlery and crockery to food stuffs and cleaning products and equipment. For this reason a range of built in kitchen cupboards are required varying in size and height. From base units under kitchen counters to wall units and tall cabinets, our kitchen specialists will be able to help design and install the built in kitchen cupboards of your dreams.

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Bathroom Built-in Cupboards

When deciding the design of your bathroom built-in cupboards it is important to note that not only are they for practical use, but the material used and the fittings, such as handles, also add to the décor of your home. The appearance and the durability of a cupboard are largely dependent on the material chosen. The following are the most commonly utilized materials:

  • Solid Wood: Cupboards or cabinets made of solid wood are heavy duty and are durable through many years of use. Types of wood used include oak, maple, cherry and pine.
  • Stainless Steel: Cabinets made from stainless steel are best for commercial use as it is incredibly strong and long lasting. However, scratches or marks are easily visible on these types of cupboards.
  • Plywood: Plywood is a type of processed wood and is extensively used in the making of cupboards. Plywood is extremely sturdy and resilient as it is manufactured by attaching smaller pieces of wood together.
  • Melamine: Carcasses and doors of fitted cupboards can be manufactured with melamine and usually have a high impact PVC edging.

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